Cashalo Review: My Trip To Siargao With Cebu Pacific

No matter how much we love traveling in general, we cannot deny the fact that the expenses is one of the biggest factors that hold us back from going places. Traveling requires spending and oftentimes, the most expensive part of it is the airfare. Good thing that there’s now a solution for budget travelers like myself!

You may now book your flights with Cebu Pacific and not worry about paying the fees in full! You may settle your payment in installments. The best part? You can do so even without a credit card.


About Cashalo


Cashalo is an application that allows Filipinos to have access to digital credit and aids in elevating their financial well-being by providing services such as loans and programs like “Fly now, pay later!” It helps Filipinos experience the most convenient type of loan processing and credit transactions.

How to apply:

Follow these easy steps!

  1. Download the Cashalo app available on App store Google Play.
  2. Sign up using your mobile number.
  3. Choose “Pay with Cashalo”.
  4. Complete your profile with the required personal, work, and bank details (for verification and disbursement).
  5. Click apply!


For budget travelers such as myself, Cashalo enables everyone to avail affordable and accessible flights. There is no pressure to settle everything all at once, and it allows me to budget everything accordingly–which is very important in every kind of trip.

For more details, visit their official website:


Cashalo x Cebu Pacific Airlines


We all know that when it comes to affordable airfare, Cebu Pacific is our best friend! From piso fares, random seat sales all throughout the year, and amazing deals–Cebu Pacific is there to save us from pricey rates. The low-cost carrier serves as our access to numerous local destinations nationwide, with flights ranging from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao! That is why I was delighted when Cashalo announced their partnership with Cebu Pacific!

The team-up has launched FLY NOW, PAY LATER, which is a total lifesaver! It is applicable to all domestic flights with a maximum ticket price of PHP 7,000! By using the app, you can choose to pay in installment–it’s up to you whether you can pay in 3-6 months. The monthly interest rate is 8.75%. The interest rate will be added up to your remaining balance. It’s not that bad for an amazing deal such as this!


Personal Experience: My Trip to Siargao

For my recent trip to Siargao, I was able to try and avail of the amazing “Fly now, pay later” program. Every time I deal with my errands in Manila, there’s not a day that I think of the stress-free environment in Siargao. For all the countless flights I have taken in and out of Siargao, I always leave my heart behind every time I go back to Manila. So when the opportunity presented itself in front of me, I grabbed it right away! You know me–I’m spontaneous like that. Good thing the Cashalo app helped in terms of expenses. I did not have to worry about settling everything in full. It’s such a big deal for someone like me who has the heart for exploration without meaning to break the bank.

So for your next adventure, if you’re still thinking twice about it–you might want to try exploring other alternative modes of payment. After all, adventure awaits and it is up to you if you’re gonna step out there and embrace it. Make your next trip happen. No excuses. 🙂


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