Bali Travel Guide: An 8,600 PHP Itinerary

Bali, Indonesia has really been top of my must-visit-places-before-I-die list. There’s something about this island that made me want to explore it so much! Thus, when I had the opportunity to do so, without a doubt, I booked a flight and flew to my dream destination!

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Visit 30+ Attractions In Osaka, Japan For Only 1500 PHP: Osaka Amazing Pass

Known as Japan’s second largest metropolitan area, which is next to Tokyo, Osaka is home to astounding attractions and staggering culture. You will witness nothing but breathtaking skyscrapers with aesthetically amazing architectures, notable historical landmarks that are worthy of our appreciation, thrilling and fun activities that will take you off your feet, and not to mention their respectful culture, delightful food and developed system. There is definitely no reason for everyone to not visit this world-class city! Keep Reading

Thailand Travel Guide: A 7,800 PHP Itinerary

Here’s to priceless adventures filled with wonder, beauty and new memories! Here’s to amazing experiences that are worthy to be kept forever. Here’s to escapades that will take your heart away in an instant– simply by just witnessing breathtaking landscapes, experiencing the most thrilling activities, interacting with the heartening locals , trying scrumptious food, and straightforwardly experiencing Thailand.

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Mati, Davao Oriental Travel Guide: Epic Weekend Getaway

When reality is better than your dreams– that’s the sentiment I got when I stepped into the breathtaking province of Mati, Davao Oriental. The heart-catching long strip of pure, white shores, calming azure waves, fresh air, blue skies, and oh! the perfect awe-inspiring coconut trees are something that will get you off your feet in just a heartbeat! PS: This is a warning. You might get attached with this dreamland, just like I did.

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Explore Singapore’s Top Attractions For Only 912 PHP

Singapore has been one of the top most visited country in Southeast Asia, and I couldn’t agree more. Offering a wide array of attractions and destinations, you won’t definitely go wrong with this country.

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Tokyo Disney Park Guide: Everything You Need To Know

One can’t fathom the fantasy and wonder Disneyparks bring us. There’s something about these parks that take our feet off the ground in just a heartbeat. It was indeed magical, I’m, telling you! Every person on earth has to experience Disneyland/sea even once in their lives.

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