An 888 USD Okinawa, Japan Travel Guide

Mention Japan, the first thing that pops out to most tourists is either Tokyo or Osaka. Yes, we can’t deny how mainstream Tokyo and Osaka are- who wouldn’t love its beauty, right? However, Japan is more than what you can get from these cities. Its magnificence extends from the north, to the east, to the west, and up until the south. If you’re craving for an off-the-beaten-path destination in the Land of the Rising Sun, Okinawa, the Hawaii of Japan, is well worth a visit.

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Siargao Travel Guide: A 3800 PHP Itinerary

I want to touch every grain of sand and swim to every clear waters of the beach. I want to climb every coconut trees and see how breathtaking the island is from above. I want to run to random places and be lost and get sunburned. I want to say hello to every person I pass by and know their stories behind their smiles. I want to chase every sunrise and sunsets and sleep under the stars. And so I go.

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My 2018 Sinulog Experience

Yes I know, Sinulog Festival is the bomb. The happy people, the festive dance performances, the lit parties, what more can I ask for for my first Sinulog Festival? This experience is surely a memorable one! Why? Read on!

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Travel Tip: How I Managed To Stay Connected while Traveling

As a frequent traveler and blogger, staying connected on the internet is a daily essential in my life. It’s a responsibility for me to keep up to date with our social media and blog posts. And not just that, I also have to stay connected to access helpful information (e.g. google maps, translator, weather forecast, etc.) on the internet, to constantly communicate with my friends/ family, to check the status of what’s going on in the online world, and etc.

But the question is: How do I manage to stay connected while traveling?

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Seoul, Korea Travel Guide: A 10,400 PHP Itinerary

It was beyond magical. Imagine a setting where scenic, flamboyant trees with quaint leaves of colors green, yellow, red and orange are on each corners of everywhere; where the glory of the sun reaches you supplemented by the chill atmosphere- that kind of sunny where you still have to wear warm clothes to keep you cozy; where everything is worth appreciating for, and you just want to reach out and grab everything at your sight- that’s Seoul, Korea in the Autumn.

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The Cocoon Boutique Hotel: A Truly GREEN Staycation

We all need a break; a break from every responsibility we all have, a break from the stress and pressure life gives us; a break from our daily grind; a break from everything. Yep, deadlines everywhere, the hassle commute, all these office drama, not to mention all the work you have to accomplish within the limited time you have- all these are just nerve-wracking! Definitely, we need to breathe.

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Kalanggman Island & Biliran Travel Guide: A 2000 PHP Itinerary

I was in need of a quick adventure. My itchy feet has this strong desire to explore a place unknown to others; a place where there is less tourists, and more connection to the nature. Suddenly, I thought of Kalanggaman Island. And oh there’s Biliran province close to it. Thus, I thank God for the beauty of these provinces; a paradise that is beyond stunning.

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