Taiwan Travel Guide: Elephant Mountain/ Xiangshan (象山)

Ever imagine witnessing a spectacular view of Taipei City- that as if you were on the heavens looking below the city and getting a whole perspective of it? How breathtaking that feeling is?! Well, let me tell you this: it is possible. And guess what? The experience is all for FREE.

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Surf and Chill in this new hostel-resort, Real Surf PH in Real, Quezon

Weekend warriors + City Dwellers, itching for a quick weekend beach getaway? I do! And thankfully, I found Real Surf PH.

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A unique kind of Valentines date in Mt. Talamitam, Nasugbu, Batangas for just 500 pesos

Valentines day is already right around the corner. Ahhhh, it’s fast approaching, you guys!! Ang tanong: #ANUNA?! 

Ano na nga ba talaga? Have you planned your date with your bebe gerl/boy already? Dude, you only celebrate Valentines day ONCE in a year- so might as well, make that day extra special. *smug* Forget fancy dates, expensive restaurants, or plain HHWW in the park, ’cause I got something better for your date! (Edi kayo na may date)

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Thrills Galore at Oceania Swim & Splash Park

Swim! Dip! Row! Splash!!!!

Swim! Dip! Row! Splash!!!!

If you’re into a day filled with fun, thrills and excitement, look no further than Island Cove’s Oceania Swim & Splash Park!

ASDFGHJKLQWERTYUIOP!!! I am so happy to share this amazing place we just discovered to you guys! We really had an A+ fun and I bet you guys will enjoy as much as we did!!

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A 2 in 1 Dog & Cat Café in Manila: Bengal Brew Café + Wolf and Bear Cafe

Lovers of pets, especially cats and dogs, you might not want to leave this place, I swear. Ugh, we stayed with the pets in the cafe for 2 hours already, and yet still didn’t want to leave the cutie patooties! They’re so cute, so adowable, so fluffy, ahhhhh I wanted to stay there forever!

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Travel for a day for 500PHP (Calling all Millennials!)

Batugan mode: OFF, Travel Mode: ON. These are really easy to visit, no reason for you to be a batugan!

Most of us are already on Christmas break already- edi kayo na huhu. And admit it, batugan mode again in your house, eh? Here’s what, besh you only live once + you only get a couple of days for that Christmas break, so why don’t you maximize it?? Actually you’re lucky enough already since you get to have days to make walwal, while I’m in my office, working my ass off. SO BEH, MAGTRAVEL KA FOR ME!!!

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Anawangin Cove: your ultimate camping adventure

Yearning for that ultimate quick escape away from your chaotic busy life, and have that quintessential adventure perfect for your weekend break and just near Manila?

Ehem! This is absolutely – to the highest level- perfect for you!
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