Best Staycation Ever: Nyuh Bali Villa Review

We all know Bali has a lot to offer when it comes to natural wonders and cultural heritage. But personally, a trip to Bali wouldn’t be complete without staying in a private villa even just for a night! Imagine waking up to your very own private pool and having a floating breakfast. That would really make a great staycation experience. During my early years of travel, I would prioritize the tourist attractions more over the quality of my accommodation. But now that I have been traveling around, I have also learned the importance of alloting rest days in my itinerary. It was a good thing that for our trip to Bali, we had the most satisfying stay at Nyuh Bali Villas.





Bali Pre Travel Guide

pink-airplane-mode-on-512.jpg Where to book flights?

Numerous airlines fly from Manila to Bali directly such as Cebu Pacific Airlines and Philippine Airlines. Although, majority of flights have a layover at either Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • Cebu Pacific: Some of the cheapest plane tickets are sold by Cebu Pacific Airlines. The airlines offers affordable direct flights from Manila to Bali.
  • Philippine Airlines: If you do not prefer low-cost carriers, you may book your flight with Philippine Airlines (PAL). There are Philippine Airlines flights that operate to Bali every week.


stock-vector-passport-book-cartoon-vector-and-illustration-hand-drawn-style-isolated-on-white-background-222314308.jpg Do Philippine Passport Holders Need A Visa?

Traveling to Bali, Indonesia does not require a visa for Filipinos, granted that your stay will not exceed 30 days. Do keep in mind that your passport must have at least six months of validity at the time of arrival and intended departure from Bali.


samuibus_banner_logo_red.png How to travel from the airport to accommodation?

Klook Transfer: For easy and hassle-free transfers, you can book your chartered cars via Klook! Although there are other modes of public transportation that you may use, I highly recommend that you book yourself a car charter with Klook. Imagine having a private vehicle all to yourself for the entire trip. The transfer will be seamless and safe. As for the convenience and comfort, it will also allow you to avoid the hassle of alighting the vehicle that you may undergo when commuting. Also, you can have more space for your luggage and bags: Book Here


samuibus_banner_logo_red.png How to get around?

Private Transfer: The best way to enjoy your day tours in Bali is by renting private transfers as this option is so convenient and comfortable! If you prefer a hassle free transfer around Bali, this is the ideal option for you. For an affordable price, you may enjoy a fun-filled day going to your preferred attractions while having the luxury of a private car with a driver for the whole day. You will not have to undergo the complicated process of transferring from one public transportation to another, because Klook already got your back! Enjoy a convenient transfer by booking private transfers via Klook: Book Here



Introducing, Nyuh Bali Villas!

If your privacy is your top priority, then renting a private villa might be the best option for you.

Nyuh Bali Villas is a relaxing sanctuary that will certainly help you unwind and put your mind off the bustle of city life. It is located in the heart of Seminyak, around 15 mins drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport. It offers a world class restaurant, a minimarket, and even a money changer. Everything you need is just a few steps from your door! They will also do everything in their capability to assist you and provide everything you need.  If you want to level up the experience, butler service is ready to serve you all day. You will be welcomed with their signature drink, serve you breakfast, and even accompany you while exploring Bali. My most favorite part? They can also help you setup a candlelight dinner by your very own private pool! Talk about the ultimate luxury experience!

Apart from privacy and convenience, Nyuh Bali Villas takes pride in its top notch service. In fact, they have been awarded with a Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence for the past consecutive years! Every single year, it seems that they prove themselves better and better.


Nyuh Bali Villas Features

We had such an amazing time at Nyuh Bali Villas. The villas were spacious and stylish, complete with all the necessities as well. The sheets and furniture were sparkling clean and very comfortable. The amenities are all A+! What I loved most were the outdoor shower/toilet and our very own private pool! They welcomed us with hearty snacks, they prepared a candlelight dinner for us, and they even served us with a beautiful breakfast spread which we ate by the pool. On top of it all, the staff were all very welcoming and accommodating.It was just the perfect experience. 


Private Villa



Every villa has its own private pool and tropical garden. The aesthetic of the villas are the perfect blend of Balinese architecture and tropics which resulted in such enticing and relaxing visuals! 

There are actually two types of villas: the one-bedroom villa and the honeymoon suite villa. The only difference between the two is the outdoor gazebo. The homeymoon suite is equipped with an outdoor gazebo but nevertheless, both villas provide the same privacy and convenience. Each has a big private pool, as well as an outdoor toilet and shower. The bed is super cozy and comfortable, it was so hard to leave!

If you are keen to stay at the villa all day, the staff can also prepare a flower filled bath and aromatherapy for your own leisure. To spend more relaxation, the staff can also arrange a spa treatment as well as a romantic dinner by the pool.

Villa Features:

Other facilities that make Nyuh Bali Villas such a top-notch accommodation are the air conditioning, satellite TV channel, LCD TV, in-villa Wi-Fi Internet access and mini bar. Complimentary local tropical fruits are served daily. You also can enjoy complimentary two cans of beer while relaxing in the gazebo. Their TV has a lot of channels so you won’t run out of shows to watch. The wifi is very commendable so I was also able to sneak in some work while having a great staycation.


Signature Honeymoon Set Up



The moment we arrived, we were welcomed with a honeymoon cake and a herbal remedies bath. Not to mention the cold towel (so refreshing!), the fresh seasonal fruit basket, welcome drinks, and the flower crown which made me feel like a real tropical princess! It was also my boyfriend’s birthday so they had arranged a birthday surprise for him which includes 20 pieces of balloons on the floor and 10 helium balloons! fresh seasonal fruit basketBirthday surprise arrangement. Karl was so moved by the gesture and I was in awe of the beautiful setup! It is indeed the perfect experience for honeymooners!


Floating breakfast


It was my first time to experience a floating breakfast and Nyuh Bali Villas did not disappoint! Nothing beats the experience of having your breakfast while taking a morning dip in your private pool. It was so relaxing and it was definitely the perfect way to jumpstart the day.

For each stay at Nyuh Bali Villas, guests will be offered a complimentary floating breakfast. You may choose from 5 breakfast sets (all prepared beautifully) which includes different kinds of tastes and recipes. SInce you’re in Bali, you may opt for the Balinese breakfast which will give you a taste of their local cuisine. But of course, you can always have the American breakfast as well. If ever you do not prefer a floating breakfast, you may also have it at your own terrace.

Note that aside from the complimentary floating breakfast, the staycation package still includes complimentary daily breakfast. Breakfast, after all, is the most important meal of the day. There is a great variety of menu to choose from such as Continental, American, Indonesian, Healthy, or Nyuh Bali Villas. The Vegetarian breakfast is also available upon request. If you have further requests or preferences as well as dietary restrictions when it comes to food, do not hesitate to let the staff know and they will certainly be glad to assist you.


Candle Light Dinner


You see, nothing can spoil your staycation at Nyu Bali Villas. Expect a scrumptious meal and a convenient meal atmosphere. Their restaurant will be more than enough to fill your bellies and satisfy your appetite. You may also opt to reserve a poolside barbecue or a romantic dinner within the privacy of your villa.

As if the floating breakfast wasn’t grand enough, you can also experience a romantic candle light dinner! The dinner setup was decorated by flowers and candles. It was such a beautiful romantic experience. The pool and garden were filled with rose petals and candles! Imagine being there with your special someone, having a 3 course meal (which by the way, was superb!) and you have the place all to yourselves. It was perfect.


Other PERKS!

  • Shuttle service via private car around Seminyak is provided for free all day from 09:00-22:00. If ever you want to go outside, you will just have to call the butler from your villa to know the shuttle availability.
  • Cleanliness in Nyuh Bali Villas is maintained by professional housekeepers using luxury standard. Housekeeping is done twice a day including the turndown service. However, you can ask more housekeeping service or none at all on a particular day.
  • Nyuh Bali Villas is 24 hours butler ready. The best part is: In case you’re having troubles and worries about your flight schedule, the butler is always ready to do the wakeup call and flight confirmation upon request. You will feel so pampered in Nyuh Bali Villas, that they won’t let you worry about anything else at all!


World class service!

From the time you arrive at the accommodation to the time of checkout–you will be provided with utmost hospitality and care. You will be welcomed and assisted properly. Then, you will be introduced to the villa and the amenities. The staff will remind you about your meals, housekeeping, and everything else that you might need. Everything was so smooth and hassle-free for us! No wonder they are being awarded with a Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence every single year! Your stay with Nyuh Bali Villas will be truly worthwhile.


Where To Book:




If you are planning to stay with Nyuh Bali Villas, you can allot a few days to maximize your stay because the experience is really worth the trip. After spending countless days exploring around the wonders of Bali, it’s great to spend some downtime and relax. It also helps put things in perspective. Personally, I love it when I can be alone with my thoughts. It makes me feel calm and peaceful–which is really essential especially now that our lives can be so overwhelming with work and stress. And that’s what I loved about my stay with Nyuh Bali Villas–it was pure bliss and relaxation.


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