Visit 14 Attractions in Hong Kong & Macau for only 5200 PHP: iVenture Card

With flabbergasting attractions; breathtaking skylines-like oa, splendid skyscrapers, impressive architecture, notable historical landmarks, amusing activities, complemented by its friendly transportation system, welcoming locals, scrumptious food- with no doubt, Hong Kong and Macau are must-visits countries that will definitely amaze you! With that, let me share to you a secret that is perfect for you #BudgetTrip to Hong Kong and Macau.

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WATCH: Yes to Adventures? Definitely!

Sums up my one year of traveling during my 22nd year! To more adventures on my 23rd year

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TRAVEL GUIDE: A 2500 TWD (3800 PHP) Itinerary in Taiwan 台湾

Considered as one of the hidden Jewels of Asia, Taiwan 台湾 will absolutely sweep your feet off with its alluring beauty. The country may seem small, but I’m telling you, it offers everything beyond your imagination.

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Watch My First Ever VLOG: A TRIP TO TAIWAN

Yeay!! As a celebration of my birthday month (April baby here!) and my facebook page’s 100,000 follower-reach, I am now opening my Youtube account.

Colololz, once a blogger, now a blogger + vlogger. Bongga!!!

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A 1500PHP Adventure in Borawan, Dampalitan, Kwebang Lampas and Bilaran Sandbar islands

Here’s to unending laughs and ceaseless stories, to sleepless nights and late night conversations, to  gazing the skies and catching falling stars, to new discoveries and new perspectives, to the priceless gift of love and comfort, to golden memories, and to new found friends. It was just one weekend, but we had a million memories to keep.

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TRAVEL GUIDE: 500 pesos challenge in Tibiao, Antique

Saan aabot ang 500 pesos mo?

Dude, your 500 pesos is totally worth the spend if you’re in Antique!! Yep, for a total cost of 500 pesos, you can already tour around the place and experience the beauty of the province.

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Travel for a day for 500PHP (Calling all Millennials!)

Batugan mode: OFF, Travel Mode: ON. These are really easy to visit, no reason for you to be a batugan!

Most of us are already on Christmas break already- edi kayo na huhu. And admit it, batugan mode again in your house, eh? Here’s what, besh you only live once + you only get a couple of days for that Christmas break, so why don’t you maximize it?? Actually you’re lucky enough already since you get to have days to make walwal, while I’m in my office, working my ass off. SO BEH, MAGTRAVEL KA FOR ME!!!

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A perfect Christmas getaway for A DAY NEAR MANILA

Few days left before the happiest day of the year: Christmas day!! And I know most of us are already craving for a getaway- especially those who are having a Christmas break this season (swerte niyo po.) However, due to the peak season, it’s really expensive to travel / magwalwal around the Philippines. You may also be too busy because of your upcoming family events, and/or the Christmas shopping and the like, so you don’t have the time to travel far away from Manila.

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