Singapore Travel Guide: A 4D/3N Itinerary

Singapore has always been an ideal first international trip for Filipinos and for the right reason. Singapore boasts of its beautiful man-made attractions such as unique museums, modern botanical gardens, and luxurious entertainment centers. It has got everything from vibrant nightlife to delicious food. On top of it all, the environment is generally safe and clean. Cultural diversity is also very evident in the city.

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A Unique South Cebu Itinerary: Chasing Waterfalls in Samboan and Ginatilan

A typical adventure trip to Cebu typically consists of a combination of city and Southern Cebu tour. However, with Cebu’s countless offerings, you will never run out of beautiful places to explore and activities to try in the province. This post will feature some of Southern Cebu’s most majestic waterfalls located in Samboan and Ginatilan.

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The Underrated Beauty of Daejeon City: What To Expect and Where To Go

Whenever someone mentions traveling to South Korea, Seoul is always on the top of everyone’s minds. We cannot blame ourselves for this. Being the center of all things pop and culture and having portrayed as the primary setting of most Korean drama and films, Seoul is the most popular city in South Korea. It is the capital, after all. However, South Korea has so much more to offer.

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Seoul, Korea Travel Guide: A 4D/3N Itinerary

It was beyond magical. Imagine a setting where scenic, flamboyant trees with quaint leaves of green, yellow, red and orange colors are found everywhere; where the glory of the sun reaches you, supplemented by the chill atmosphere—that kind of sunny where you still have to wear warm clothes to keep you cozy; where everything is worth appreciating, and you just want to reach out and grab everything that your eyes can see—that’s Seoul, Korea in the Autumn.

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What Made Dubai Unique During Our FIRST Time In This City

From its flashy skyscrapers to its sweeping sand dunes, Dubai offers a variety of unique experiences for your first time trip. Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Over the years, Dubai has developed into a fascinating and vibrant city in the Middle East. It has attracted the world’s attention through large construction projects, most particularly the world’s tallest building–the Burj Khalifa. Aside from this, the city also offers world-class shopping experience with the largest malls and fancy staycations through its luxury hotels. The easily accessible desert where you can drive or ride camels along the majestic dunes is also something you should not miss.

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Thailand Travel Guide: A 9,600 PHP Itinerary

Here’s to priceless adventures filled with wonder, beauty and new memories! Here’s to amazing experiences that are worthy to be kept forever. Here’s to escapades that will take your heart away in an instant– simply by just witnessing breathtaking landscapes, experiencing the most thrilling activities, interacting with the heartening locals , trying scrumptious food, and straightforwardly experiencing Thailand.

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Bangkok Travel Guide: A Family Friendly Itinerary

Bangkok, Thailand has always been known as a sought-after vacation destination, catering the needs of every kind of traveler. This city has mastered the art of providing convenience and satisfaction to their diverse tourists, offering numerous multi-faceted sights and attractions, a unique city life experience and exceptional cultural discoveries that everyone can appreciate. Although, at first, it may seem to have this old and mature vibe brought by its famous number of temples and cultural attractions. But the beautiful thing about this city is it also has children-friendly attractions that make it a compelling choice to travel to families.

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Bangkok Travel Guide: A 9,300PHP Itinerary

Bangkok is just everything. Sprawling with countless places to visit, activities to try, and such a vibrant culture to learn, you could never go wrong with this city if you’re up to an epic adventure! It has everything you need. Yes, everything– -that’s what we earned during our trip to Bangkok.

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