Coron, Palawan Travel Guide: A 7,400 PHP Itinerary

When reality is better than your dreams– that’s what I felt the moment my feet stepped into the paradise of Coron, Palawan.

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Baler, Aurora Travel Guide: A 3,000 PHP Itinerary

Imagine women traveling freely; with no limitations, no judgements, no danger, no restraint. What a concept. We, women, often get doubted with our abilities to travel liberally. We face far more issues traveling alone than men do. We always get that figure that in order for us to travel, women has to be with someone just for them to be secured.

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Siargao Travel Guide: A 3800 PHP Itinerary

I want to touch every grain of sand and swim to every clear waters of the beach. I want to climb every coconut trees and see how breathtaking the island is from above. I want to run to random places and be lost and get sunburned. I want to say hello to every person I pass by and know their stories behind their smiles. I want to chase every sunrise and sunsets and sleep under the stars. And so I go.

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Kalanggman Island & Biliran Travel Guide: A 2000 PHP Itinerary

I was in need of a quick adventure. My itchy feet has this strong desire to explore a place unknown to others; a place where there is less tourists, and more connection to the nature. Suddenly, I thought of Kalanggaman Island. And oh there’s Biliran province close to it. Thus, I thank God for the beauty of these provinces; a paradise that is beyond stunning.

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Mati, Davao Oriental Travel Guide: Epic Weekend Getaway

When reality is better than your dreams– that’s the sentiment I got when I stepped into the breathtaking province of Mati, Davao Oriental. The heart-catching long strip of pure, white shores, calming azure waves, fresh air, blue skies, and oh! the perfect awe-inspiring coconut trees are something that will get you off your feet in just a heartbeat! PS: This is a warning. You might get attached with this dreamland, just like I did.

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A Tranquil Weekend Staycation: Mount Purro Nature Reserve

Do you know that feeling that you have that strong urge to breathe, to bask in the sun, to appreciate the beautifulness of nature, and just be grateful about life? Well I felt that intensely. And thankfully, we discovered Mount Purro Nature Reserve.

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Our Unique Weekend Getaway: Casa Antonio Glamping, Batangas

Traveling with my babies/ my dogs is one of my goals as a traveler / fur-parent. There’s nothing like having that quality vacation time with your fur babies outside the city, and embracing the beach life. Gratefully, I discovered that perfect weekend for us.

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Cartoon Network Amazone for the Ultimate Kids at Heart

Sugar, Spice, and Everything nice: These are the perfect ingredients to have a day filled with fun and enjoyment. And when I say fun and enjoyment, I’m pertaining to thrilling splash and slide rides! *trumpet roars*

Calling all kids at heart!!! We will be taking over the kingdom of Cartoon Network!

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