Discover the local Hong Kong: Good Evening Kowloon Walking Tour

What is it like to be immersed with the locals in Hong Kong, where you don’t just get to discover their history, their culture, and most importantly their food (lol), but also get to be involved with them deeply? Well that’s what happened during ourย Good Evening Kowloon Walking Tour.

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Instagrammable Cafe ALERT: ๏ปฟGingerbread House

Are you like Hansel and Gretel where you deeply love Gingerbread houses?! Now, we can make your gingerbread dreams happen!!! Ask me how ๐Ÿ’›
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WATCH: Yes to Adventures? Definitely!

Sums up my one year of traveling during my 22nd year! To more adventures on my 23rd year

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Discover this NEW Instagram-worthy cafe, JAMIE’S

Alert!! This newly opened cafe will take over your Instagram feed!!

Ehem!ย Instagrammers x Foodie, ready your phones and tummies as this Cafe is going your way! This instagram-worthy cafe is soย the bomb. *Omayghad*

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A 2 in 1 Dog & Cat Cafรฉ in Manila: Bengal Brew Cafรฉ + Wolf and Bear Cafe

Lovers of pets, especially cats and dogs, you might not want to leave this place, I swear. Ugh, we stayed with the pets in the cafe for 2 hours already, and yet still didn’t want to leave the cutie patooties! They’re so cute, so adowable, so fluffy, ahhhhh I wanted to stay there forever!

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Yellowbird Kitchen x Cafe: A merry little kitchen

Have a merry meal in this Christmas-y cafe x kitchen just a few minutes away from the city proper of Antipolo!

Ahhhh, days left before Christmas comes!!! Aren’t you excited?! Well I am. That’s why I keep on searching places that can intensify my Christmas spirit more because ghad, i so love Christmas day!!

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Dreamland Arts and Cafe: Drink Coffee, Catch Dreams

Ready your phones and VSCO app ready, cause this cafe is beyond ordinary! Instagrammable at its highest level!!!

Cintai Coritos Garden Resort: Bali, Indonesia in the Philippines

Experience Bali just 2 hours away from Manila!

Dreaming to be in Bali, Indonesia but your wallet says NO? Well here’s a perfect alternative for you- just 2 hours away from Manila!

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