Discover this NEW Instagram-worthy cafe, JAMIE’S

Alert!! This newly opened cafe will take over your Instagram feed!!

Ehem! Instagrammers x Foodie, ready your phones and tummies as this Cafe is going your way! This instagram-worthy cafe is so the bomb. *Omayghad*

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A 2 in 1 Dog & Cat Café in Manila: Bengal Brew Café + Wolf and Bear Cafe

Lovers of pets, especially cats and dogs, you might not want to leave this place, I swear. Ugh, we stayed with the pets in the cafe for 2 hours already, and yet still didn’t want to leave the cutie patooties! They’re so cute, so adowable, so fluffy, ahhhhh I wanted to stay there forever!

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Yellowbird Kitchen x Cafe: A merry little kitchen

Have a merry meal in this Christmas-y cafe x kitchen just a few minutes away from the city proper of Antipolo!

Ahhhh, days left before Christmas comes!!! Aren’t you excited?! Well I am. That’s why I keep on searching places that can intensify my Christmas spirit more because ghad, i so love Christmas day!!

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Dreamland Arts and Cafe: Drink Coffee, Catch Dreams

Ready your phones and VSCO app ready, cause this cafe is beyond ordinary! Instagrammable at its highest level!!!

Cintai Coritos Garden Resort: Bali, Indonesia in the Philippines

Experience Bali just 2 hours away from Manila!

Dreaming to be in Bali, Indonesia but your wallet says NO? Well here’s a perfect alternative for you- just 2 hours away from Manila!

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