Discover Badoc Island, an unspoiled hidden paradise + a sidetrip to Badoc Town’s attractions

Itching for an off the beaten path adventure with no hassle, budget-friendly, and of course worth the travel for, this summer? You’re in the perfect blog post, my friend. This is legitly an epic island getaway that will capture your heart and take you away from everything and everyone else.

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Taiwan Travel Guide: Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Park (中正紀念堂)

Hours left and we’ll be leaving Taiwan. We’ll be back to our real world again. Hence, given the small time that we had in Taiwan, we had to maximize it. So we decided to visit Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (中正紀念堂). Ahhhh, it was more than worth it spending our last hours in Taiwan in this beauty!

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Taiwan Travel Guide: Maokong Gondola (貓空纜車)

One of the unique things to try in Taipei City is Maokong Gondola’s scenic cable car ride. Aside from the thrill the cable car will give you, your heart will also skip a beat as you will be able to witness Taipei City’s beauty from the skies. How amazing is that?!

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Taiwan Travel Guide: Shifen Waterfalls (十分大瀑布)

Witness the Niagra Falls of Taiwan and be mesmerized by its beauty. Here’s a Travel Guide specially made for you!

It was our first day in Taiwan when we visited the town of Shifen. It was a perfect trip-starter! There were already several places to visit that requires minimum time and minimum budget, and the best (personally) among them was Shifen Waterfalls (十分大瀑布).

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Surf and Chill in this new hostel-resort, Real Surf PH in Real, Quezon

Weekend warriors + City Dwellers, itching for a quick weekend beach getaway? I do! And thankfully, I found Real Surf PH.

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Adventure Resort, Bulacan: Paris of the Philippines

I know. I know. (Almost) every girl’s dream is to be in Paris to witness how magical the Eiffel tower is. Who wouldnt want to visit the city of love, right?! But we have to admit, not everyone of us can afford it. Jusko, pamasahe palang waley na.

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TRAVEL GUIDE: 500 pesos challenge in Tibiao, Antique

Saan aabot ang 500 pesos mo?

Dude, your 500 pesos is totally worth the spend if you’re in Antique!! Yep, for a total cost of 500 pesos, you can already tour around the place and experience the beauty of the province.

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Discover this NEW Instagram-worthy cafe, JAMIE’S

Alert!! This newly opened cafe will take over your Instagram feed!!

Ehem! Instagrammers x Foodie, ready your phones and tummies as this Cafe is going your way! This instagram-worthy cafe is so the bomb. *Omayghad*

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