Ocean Park Hong Kong Halloween Fest 2018 Guide: What To Expect

Halloween is already right around the corner! What better way to celebrate this than enjoying a day in one of the happiest place on earth,  Ocean Park, Hong Kong! This time, it’s going to be the happiest AND the scariest as Ocean Park is having their ultimate Halloween Fest offering everyone a frightful fun this season!

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The Ultimate Guide to Ocean Park: An Adventure For The Thrill Seekers!

One thing to not miss if you’re in Hong Kong is the happiest place in the city, Ocean Park Hong Kong!! *jumps out of joy* Filled with numerous fun activities and plentiful attractions to try, and a promise of an experience of a lifetime, this place is definitely a dream come true for us theme park lovers / animal lovers/ adventure seekers!

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Reasons To Stay In Lub D, Makati


It’s no surprise that Lub D Hostel has always been my favorite hostel to date. From my Lub d Siem Reap experience, to the Phuket and the Bangkok one, I absolutely found home in the road. What’s more amazing is that I had the opportunity to experience their newest branch, and it is just a couple of minutes away from my residence: IT’S JUST IN MAKATI, you guys!

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Tokyo Disney Park Guide: Everything You Need To Know

One can’t fathom the fantasy and wonder Disneyparks bring us. There’s something about these parks that take our feet off the ground in just a heartbeat. It was indeed magical, I’m, telling you! Every person on earth has to experience Disneyland/sea even once in their lives.

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Tokyo Travel Guide: Shibuya Crossing

It will be a total-loss for you if you visit Tokyo without experiencing the famous intersection in this city, the Shibuya Crossing. This is an unquestioned must-visit here in Tokyo, thus this place has to be first in your list (with dramatic emphasis!)

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Underrated Places near Manila to consider for your Next Getaway

2 Long weekends are fast approaching already!! We have that urge to maximize these since that big break that we’ve been desiring is already on the palm of our hands (times two pa!) Now, the big question is: Where to go, then?

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Siem Reap Travel Guide: Angkor Wat Tour

There’s no question, Angkor Wat is marvelously beautiful that will absolutely leave you speechless and stunned in just a second once encountered! Millions of people fly over Cambodia just to witness the beauty of its temples- will you want to be one of them?

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