South Korea is one of the top international tourist destinations among Filipinos because of the prominent Korean influence in our country. Majority of Filipinos nowadays enjoy Korean food, music, culture, films and drama series. This is why South Korea has become a dream country for most of us. The good news is we can turn this dream vacation into a reality starting with the first vital step: Applying for a visa. As you may know, a tourist visa is required to enter South Korea. Don’t worry, applying for a South Korea visa is very easy and totally free!

During the celebration of the Philippines and South Korea’s 70th anniversary of their diplomatic relations last June 2, 2019, Korean Ambassador Han Dong-Man said Seoul will ease the requirements for Filipinos who want to visit South Korea. He announced that they will give multiple entry visa valid for 5 to 10 years and cut down the number of documents needed for visa application–especially for qualified people such as the businessmen, media representatives, and government officers.

UPDATE: Processing of applications for South Korea for a temporary visitor’s visa will be a minimum of  25-30 working days from the date of lodging at the Korean Embassy (excluding Saturdays, Sundays & holidays), according to the announcement of the Korean Embassy last September 26, 2019. Expedite/Express processing option will no longer be allowed starting September 9, 2019 (for both first-time travelers & frequent travelers).

The Embassy will also no longer allow withdrawal/pull out of passports and documents once the application has been received. So please be make sure that you will not be needing your passport until the release of your Korean Visa.

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Seoul, Korea Travel Guide: A 4D/3N Itinerary

It was beyond magical. Imagine a setting where scenic, flamboyant trees with quaint leaves of green, yellow, red and orange colors are found everywhere; where the glory of the sun reaches you, supplemented by the chill atmosphere—that kind of sunny where you still have to wear warm clothes to keep you cozy; where everything is worth appreciating, and you just want to reach out and grab everything that your eyes can see—that’s Seoul, Korea in the Autumn.

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What Made Dubai Unique During Our FIRST Time In This City

From its flashy skyscrapers to its sweeping sand dunes, Dubai offers a variety of unique experiences for your first time trip. Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Over the years, Dubai has developed into a fascinating and vibrant city in the Middle East. It has attracted the world’s attention through large construction projects, most particularly the world’s tallest building–the Burj Khalifa. Aside from this, the city also offers world-class shopping experience with the largest malls and fancy staycations through its luxury hotels. The easily accessible desert where you can drive or ride camels along the majestic dunes is also something you should not miss.

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Visit The Top Instagrammable Places In Hong Kong For Just 450 PHP!

From picturesque cityscapes perfected by the high rise unique buildings, breathtaking landscapes, vibrant one-off street art graffiti and notorious architectures, you can never go wrong with Hong Kong when it comes to picture-perfect places. Almost every corner in this city is uniquely appealing! It’s true, Hong Kong is definitely a dreamland for photographers.

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Ocean Park Hong Kong Halloween Fest 2018 Guide: What To Expect

Halloween is already right around the corner! What better way to celebrate this than enjoying a day in one of the happiest place on earth,  Ocean Park, Hong Kong! This time, it’s going to be the happiest AND the scariest as Ocean Park is having their ultimate Halloween Fest offering everyone a frightful fun this season!

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The Ultimate Guide to Ocean Park: An Adventure For The Thrill Seekers!

One thing to not miss if you’re in Hong Kong is the happiest place in the city, Ocean Park Hong Kong!! *jumps out of joy* Filled with numerous fun activities and plentiful attractions to try, and a promise of an experience of a lifetime, this place is definitely a dream come true for us theme park lovers / animal lovers/ adventure seekers!

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Thailand Travel Guide: A 9,600 PHP Itinerary

Here’s to priceless adventures filled with wonder, beauty and new memories! Here’s to amazing experiences that are worthy to be kept forever. Here’s to escapades that will take your heart away in an instant– simply by just witnessing breathtaking landscapes, experiencing the most thrilling activities, interacting with the heartening locals , trying scrumptious food, and straightforwardly experiencing Thailand.

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Flying With Philippine Airlines’ Upgraded Tri-Class A330

It’s amazing how our flag carrier airlines prioritizes quality over quantity- where they focus on the value of their passengers’ experience: the food they offer, the comfort of the seats, the timeliness of the schedules, the efficiency of the booking, check-in and boarding process and the hospitability of their crew amidst their reasonable price. This really serves as a great example of how warm and hospitable Filipinos are. We care about the people and their well-being, just as Philippine Airlines cherish their passengers’ satisfaction. They, indeed, have the world class service we, Filipinos, can be proud of!

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