Taiwan Travel Guide: Elephant Mountain/ Xiangshan (象山)

Ever imagine witnessing a spectacular view of Taipei City- that as if you were on the heavens looking below the city and getting a whole perspective of it? How breathtaking that feeling is?! Well, let me tell you this: it is possible. And guess what? The experience is all for FREE.

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A unique kind of Valentines date in Mt. Talamitam, Nasugbu, Batangas for just 500 pesos

Valentines day is already right around the corner. Ahhhh, it’s fast approaching, you guys!! Ang tanong: #ANUNA?! 

Ano na nga ba talaga? Have you planned your date with your bebe gerl/boy already? Dude, you only celebrate Valentines day ONCE in a year- so might as well, make that day extra special. *smug* Forget fancy dates, expensive restaurants, or plain HHWW in the park, ’cause I got something better for your date! (Edi kayo na may date)

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48 hours in Catanduanes: What Places to visit

There’s more in Catanduanes than being a typhoon-friendly place. Yes, it is usually the starting point of tropical storms entering Philippines, and yes, strong winds & heavy rains may always pass this island, but let me tell you this: These typhoons are actually blessings in disguise. They are the reason why Catanduanes is a beauty you cannot imagine.

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Discover Binurong Point, Catanduanes

I know most of you are craving for a Batanes getaway. But we all have that one common problem: its too costly. Huhu 😦

But how about a cheaper alternative? Yes?

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