TOP 3 BEST HOTELS in Taiwan For Your Next Staycation

Whenever I think of which Asian destination to travel to, Taiwan easily comes to mind. Taiwan is one of the most visited countries in Asia as it is very accessible with just 1.5 hours worth of flight from Manila.

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Salvacion Hills Glamping: That Perfect Siargao Staycation

Siargao Island is, without a doubt, a charming paradise that’s wonderfully surrounded by breathtaking coconut trees, white sandy beaches and the largest mangrove forest in Mindanao. Not only that, but it’s also speckled with epic peaks and hilly terrains- in short, Siargao is truly a beauty.

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Reasons To Stay In Lub D, Makati


It’s no surprise that Lub D Hostel has always been my favorite hostel to date. From my Lub d Siem Reap experience, to the Phuket and the Bangkok one, I absolutely found home in the road. What’s more amazing is that I had the opportunity to experience their newest branch, and it is just a couple of minutes away from my residence: IT’S JUST IN MAKATI, you guys!

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Lub D Hostel: Where To Stay In Siem Reap

When it comes to traveling Southeast Asia, the exquisite city of Siem Reap in Cambodia is usually one of the most coveted destination travelers would want to explore. After all, this city is home of the famous temples of the Angkor region. Travelers all over the world come over to Siem Reap to witness the marvelous ruins of Angkor Wat which were built roughly A.D/ 1113 AND 1150 and is considered as the largest religious monuments ever constructed. Talk about a surreal experience!

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The Cocoon Boutique Hotel: A Truly GREEN Staycation

We all need a break; a break from every responsibility we all have, a break from the stress and pressure life gives us; a break from our daily grind; a break from everything. Yep, deadlines everywhere, the hassle commute, all these office drama, not to mention all the work you have to accomplish within the limited time you have- all these are just nerve-wracking! Definitely, we need to breathe.

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A Step To A Better Skin: Kamiseta Skin

*Bes gumugurang ka na!!* These 4 words Kiel told me are the words that led me to realize how important my skin is. Yes, I am that person who actually don’t really care about taking care of my skin until I realize that I’m getting panget with all the particles and species my skin is generating. *lol*

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A Tranquil Weekend Staycation: Mount Purro Nature Reserve

Do you know that feeling that you have that strong urge to breathe, to bask in the sun, to appreciate the beautifulness of nature, and just be grateful about life? Well I felt that intensely. And thankfully, we discovered Mount Purro Nature Reserve.

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Luxury at its Finest: Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16

Traveling to Macau is a once in a lifetime moment. It’s an opportunity that when you step into this elegant country, you’ll get that feeling of endearment and fondness that you simply want to savor every minute of your stay here. I must say, I undoubtedly felt that feeling when I was in Macau. And for such an exceptional country / destination, you must surely stay in an equally exceptional setting. Thankfully, I got Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16 that gave more value of our stay in this country.

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