A Step To A Better Skin: Kamiseta Skin

*Bes gumugurang ka na!!* These 4 words Kiel told me are the words that led me to realize how important my skin is. Yes, I am that person who actually don’t really care about taking care of my skin until I realize that I’m getting panget with all the particles and species my skin is generating. *lol*

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Underrated Places near Manila to consider for your Next Getaway

2 Long weekends are fast approaching already!! We have that urge to maximize these since that big break that we’ve been desiring is already on the palm of our hands (times two pa!) Now, the big question is: Where to go, then?

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Summer OOTD Ready? Jukaykay gotchu back, babe!

Travel destination, check! Travel Itinerary, check! Travel buddies, check! Travel dates, check! But what about your Travel #OOTD? Lagyan din natin ng check ✔️ yan!

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Travel for a day for 500PHP (Calling all Millennials!)

Batugan mode: OFF, Travel Mode: ON. These are really easy to visit, no reason for you to be a batugan!

Most of us are already on Christmas break already- edi kayo na huhu. And admit it, batugan mode again in your house, eh? Here’s what, besh you only live once + you only get a couple of days for that Christmas break, so why don’t you maximize it?? Actually you’re lucky enough already since you get to have days to make walwal, while I’m in my office, working my ass off. SO BEH, MAGTRAVEL KA FOR ME!!!

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