7 Best Vacation Spots To Vacay In The Philippines

Holiday season is right around the corner and aren’t we all frantically searching for budget – friendly places which are also drop – dead gorgeous so we can have a fun time with our friends or family? Think scenic beaches, pristine white sands and colourful sunsets to mark the evenings with happening night life and great hospitality too! The search ends here.

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Cashalo Review: My Trip To Siargao With Cebu Pacific

No matter how much we love traveling in general, we cannot deny the fact that the expenses is one of the biggest factors that hold us back from going places. Traveling requires spending and oftentimes, the most expensive part of it is the airfare. Good thing that there’s now a solution for budget travelers like myself!

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24 Things I Learned At 24

As I turn another year older, I cannot help but look back at everything that has happened in my life for the past couple of years. All the events that have happened, the changes that have taken place, the places I have visited, the people I have met, the opportunities that have knocked on my doors, the rejections that I have encountered, the challenges that have disheartened me, and all the experiences I have gained. The past years have been a never ending series of ups and downs.

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Here’s A Gentle Reminder That It Is Okay To Be Proud Of Yourself

From time to time, we should ask ourselves, “When was the last time you genuinely felt proud of yourself?” The last time you felt truly happy with your achievements, with how far you have come, with how well you are doing?

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Thank goodness 2018 has come to an end. This year passed by too quick and honestly speaking, 2018 is absolutely not my year. Let’s just say this year has been the most emotionally and spiritually challenging phase of my 23 years of living. But throughout this roller coaster of a year, I am looking back with a grateful heart as this year has made me a better and stronger person ready for any challenges I may face for the next years of my life.

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Should You Quit Your Job To Travel The World?

At this time and age where we are updated with everyone else’s milestones, it’s difficult to stay focused on our life agenda. Everyone’s either successful at their careers or having the time of their lives traveling around the globe or both.

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South Korea is one of the top international tourist destinations among Filipinos because of the prominent Korean influence in our country. Majority of Filipinos nowadays enjoy Korean food, music, culture, films and drama series. This is why South Korea has become a dream country for most of us. The good news is we can turn this dream vacation into a reality starting with the first vital step: Applying for a visa. As you may know, a tourist visa is required to enter South Korea. Don’t worry, applying for a South Korea visa is very easy and totally free!

During the celebration of the Philippines and South Korea’s 70th anniversary of their diplomatic relations last June 2, 2019, Korean Ambassador Han Dong-Man said Seoul will ease the requirements for Filipinos who want to visit South Korea. He announced that they will give multiple entry visa valid for 5 to 10 years and cut down the number of documents needed for visa application–especially for qualified people such as the businessmen, media representatives, and government officers.

UPDATE: Processing of applications for South Korea for a temporary visitor’s visa will be a minimum of  25-30 working days from the date of lodging at the Korean Embassy (excluding Saturdays, Sundays & holidays), according to the announcement of the Korean Embassy last September 26, 2019. Expedite/Express processing option will no longer be allowed starting September 9, 2019 (for both first-time travelers & frequent travelers).

The Embassy will also no longer allow withdrawal/pull out of passports and documents once the application has been received. So please be make sure that you will not be needing your passport until the release of your Korean Visa.

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5 Essential Reminders To Read When You’re Feeling LOST

Your family and friends start singing the birthday song. Here comes your cake. They tell you to make a wish before you blow your candle. Behind you, two golden foil balloons are hanging at the wall. The numbers 2 and 0. You close your eyes. You say your wish. You blow the candle. Everyone starts clapping and wishes you a happy birthday. Meanwhile, something inside you starts stirring. You feel happy and sad at the same time. You are grateful but extremely worried about everything that has been going on.

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