Here’s A Gentle Reminder That It Is Okay To Be Proud Of Yourself

From time to time, we should ask ourselves, “When was the last time you genuinely felt proud of yourself?” The last time you felt truly happy with your achievements, with how far you have come, with how well you are doing?

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Thank goodness 2018 has come to an end. This year passed by too quick and honestly speaking, 2018 is absolutely not my year. Let’s just say this year has been the most emotionally and spiritually challenging phase of my 23 years of living. But throughout this roller coaster of a year, I am looking back with a grateful heart as this year has made me a better and stronger person ready for any challenges I may face for the next years of my life.

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Should You Quit Your Job To Travel The World?

At this time and age where we are updated with everyone else’s milestones, it’s difficult to stay focused on our life agenda. Everyone’s either successful at their careers or having the time of their lives traveling around the globe or both.

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South Korea is one of the top international tourist destinations among Filipinos because of the prominent Korean influence in our country. Majority of Filipinos nowadays enjoy Korean food, music, culture, films and drama series. This is why South Korea has become a dream country for most of us. The good news is we can turn this dream vacation into a reality starting with the first vital step: Applying for a visa. As you may know, a tourist visa is required to enter South Korea. Don’t worry, applying for a South Korea visa is very easy and totally free!

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5 Essential Reminders To Read When You’re Feeling LOST

Your family and friends start singing the birthday song. Here comes your cake. They tell you to make a wish before you blow your candle. Behind you, two golden foil balloons are hanging at the wall. The numbers 2 and 0. You close your eyes. You say your wish. You blow the candle. Everyone starts clapping and wishes you a happy birthday. Meanwhile, something inside you starts stirring. You feel happy and sad at the same time. You are grateful but extremely worried about everything that has been going on.

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Tony And Jackey Salon Review: My First Time To Try The Mucota Scena Clinic Treatment

Most of us get really occupied with work that we oftentimes forget that taking a break is also necessary to recharge. After a whole week of hustling, it won’t hurt to treat ourselves in order to prepare ourselves for another wave of stress that’s ahead of us. As the saying goes, “Disconnect to reconnect.” One of the best ways to destress is pampering ourselves–getting manicure/pedicure, a body massage, or that badly needed hair treatment.

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Flying With Philippine Airlines’ Upgraded Tri-Class A330

It’s amazing how our flag carrier airlines prioritizes quality over quantity- where they focus on the value of their passengers’ experience: the food they offer, the comfort of the seats, the timeliness of the schedules, the efficiency of the booking, check-in and boarding process and the hospitability of their crew amidst their reasonable price. This really serves as a great example of how warm and hospitable Filipinos are. We care about the people and their well-being, just as Philippine Airlines cherish their passengers’ satisfaction. They, indeed, have the world class service we, Filipinos, can be proud of!

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