Why Being Single Is Actually The Best Thing That Happened In Your Life

“Single ka?” “Uyyy bat ka single!?” “Ganda mo naman, pero ba’t wala kang boyfriend?!”

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Tony And Jackey Salon Review: My First Time To Try The Mucota Scena Clinic Treatment

Most of us get really occupied with work that we oftentimes forget that taking a break is also necessary to recharge. After a whole week of hustling, it won’t hurt to treat ourselves in order to prepare ourselves for another wave of stress that’s ahead of us. As the saying goes, “Disconnect to reconnect.” One of the best ways to destress is pampering ourselves–getting manicure/pedicure, a body massage, or that badly needed hair treatment.

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Flying With Philippine Airlines’ Upgraded Tri-Class A330

It’s amazing how our flag carrier airlines prioritizes quality over quantity- where they focus on the value of their passengers’ experience: the food they offer, the comfort of the seats, the timeliness of the schedules, the efficiency of the booking, check-in and boarding process and the hospitability of their crew amidst their reasonable price. This really serves as a great example of how warm and hospitable Filipinos are. We care about the people and their well-being, just as Philippine Airlines cherish their passengers’ satisfaction. They, indeed, have the world class service we, Filipinos, can be proud of!

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Long Haul Flight Survival Tips

When we booked our flight to Dubai via Cebu Pacific Air, we know that this will be our very first long-haul flight under their airlines, which made us really excited for this trip! What amazed us beforehand is how the flights were way cheaper than the ones offered by other carriers- which actually costs less than 300 USD! Pretty cheap, considering that we will be flying 4,500 miles away from Manila! Hence, we’re down to our first ever long haul flight!

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What My Scoliosis Taught Me In Life

Hi I am Colleen Vidal. And I am diagnosed with Scoliosis. And you know what? I am grateful for this. This is indeed a Blessing in disguise. My condition led me to realizing things that made my life more meaningful and happier.

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Be Whoever You Want To Be With Sun Cellular’s GIGA SURF 99

There’s something I really love about our generation. It’s our ability to discover, to explore, to learn the best way possible. We feel and we believe that absolutely anything is possible. That no matter how big our dream is, it would never be bigger than our ability to reach it. That we have the capability to do whatever we want, BE WHOEVER WE WANT, as if the world is ours for the taking.

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