COLZ PRESETS are collections of Lightroom Presets that aim to highlight the beauty in every photo. Each captured photo represents a memory that is to be treasured forever. And what better way to cherish your memories than by enhancing them to look their best? Colz Presets will aid you in keeping your best memories alive forever. Colz Presets are applicable for desktop and mobile.

Currently, there are three collections of Colz Presets that are available for purchase:

Tropical Collection

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TROPICAL COLLECTION is a collection of 10 mobile presets that is ideal to bring out the summer vibe in your photos. These presets are inspired by the creators’ most favorite summer destination and home–Siargao Island.

Beautiful Life Collection


BEAUTIFUL LIFE COLLECTION is a series of 20 Lightroom Presets that are ideal for bringing out the best in your photos–may it be for your outdoor travel souvenirs, OOTD shots, city shenanigans, or stunning selfies. Inspired by Colz Vidal’s most significant life lessons and travel experiences, this collection is specifically developed to give your everyday photos bright colors and beautiful glow.

Ti Amo Collection

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TI AMO COLLECTION contains a pack of 12 diverse Lightroom Presets ranging from light pastel shades to rustic nude tones. Inspired by Colz Vidal’s Europe trip, the idea of the collection sparked from the learnings and memories the creator gained from her dream adventure. Ti Amo is all about Europe’s colors, vibe, and culture–it is about how beautiful differences can be. Although it was based on outdoor shots featuring European cityscapes and architecture, this series of presets was specifically curated and developed to complement any kind of photo.