Bacolod Travel Guide: Lakawon Island + Tawhai Floating Bar

A less-than-1000 PHP budget for a Maldives kind of experience!

Para para paradise, para para paradise 🎶 This song from Coldplay is really perfect for this beach island! Totally a perfect paradise! ❤️ Forget Boracay and Kalanggaman Island, and head over to Lakawon, as it is already a 2 in 1 (Boracay + Kalanggaman Island) paradise! Also, if you’re dreaming to be in Maldives, this is the perfect alternative here in the Philippines! ✨

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The Circle Hostel, Zambales: So Backpacker-Charming!

Embrace the backpacker-charming life!


Sorry for bursting out. I just can’t contain my feelings on how I really love the place!!! Wait, I know you’ll love it too! Look ~

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Dreamland Arts and Cafe: Drink Coffee, Catch Dreams

Ready your phones and VSCO app ready, cause this cafe is beyond ordinary! Instagrammable at its highest level!!!

Bolinao Travel Guide: A 1400 PHP Itinerary

Your perfect weekend getaway!! Pack your bags at gumora na bes!

Itching for a new adventure and yet you don’t know which place to go? Well, let me solve that problem!

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Bukal Falls: Experience Magic

With its clear shimmery deep blue water, giving that enchanting scene, this place will definitely awe you with its beauty!

Hidden in the foot of Mt. Banahaw in Majayjay, Laguna is a majestic spring waterfalls concealed beneath the luscious forest, called Bukal Falls. This place will truly give you that magical ambiance, so enchanting!

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Cintai Coritos Garden Resort: Bali, Indonesia in the Philippines

Experience Bali just 2 hours away from Manila!

Dreaming to be in Bali, Indonesia but your wallet says NO? Well here’s a perfect alternative for you- just 2 hours away from Manila!

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Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar: Preserved Beauty

Experience the 18th century Philippines here in Las Casas!

Let your 1000php take you to the 18th century Philippines? Yes??? 🍂🌸

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Laresio Lakeside Resort :Rain Rain Getaway

Your perfect rainy day getaway!

Its the time of the year where days are getting dull and dreary and heavy rains are getting a hold on you and your adventures. Rainy season can be a nightmare for us, adventure-seekers!

However, rain should not stop us on having to enjoy life!! Guys, You Only Live Once. So maximize it! ❤️

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