Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar: Preserved Beauty

Experience the 18th century Philippines here in Las Casas!

Let your 1000php take you to the 18th century Philippines? Yes??? 🍂🌸

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Laresio Lakeside Resort :Rain Rain Getaway

Your perfect rainy day getaway!

Its the time of the year where days are getting dull and dreary and heavy rains are getting a hold on you and your adventures. Rainy season can be a nightmare for us, adventure-seekers!

However, rain should not stop us on having to enjoy life!! Guys, You Only Live Once. So maximize it! ❤️

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Pililla & Tanay, Rizal: The Perfect Roadtrip Date Near Manila

Someone needed a break from the hustle and bustle of the busy city of Manila +  the skies seem a little too friendly, thus vacationing by car is more appealing than ever.

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Pandin Lake & Yambo Lake: PHP400 worth El Nido-like experience:

Experience this hidden gem for just 400 pesos, ALL IN!

Cant afford to visit El Nido?

Hidden in the land of San Pablo City, Laguna, just 3 hours away from Manila, is an amazing gem called Pandin Lake. Pandin Lake is one of the seven lakes, San Pablo City is famous for. We haven’t visited the other lakes yet, but I heard Pandin Lake’s the best.

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